Play & adventure furniture

Play & adventure furniture
High-quality and unusual furniture for children with real play value. These play furniture was developed for open areas in children's facilities, public waiting areas but also for waiting rooms on pediatric wards and pediatricians. Depending on the theme, they can be set up in addition to our wall games or wall decorations and certainly offer a popular starting point in your home. All game furniture, unless otherwise specified in the item description, the building material class B2.
Game car mini made of wood
Play car mini
True to the motto "Small but beautiful", this toy vehicle is also equipped with a movable steering wheel, a gear lever and a speedometer. The car has front and rear turntables, which serve as lights. When they are turned, the colors mix. The sliding game on the hood also offers smaller children playing opportunities. The compact design of this game car fits into smaller corners or rooms. The hard-wearing HPL coating makes it easy to clean the surface and, in special cases, to disinfect it.
Material: birch plywood with hard-wearing HPL coating, water-soluble stains DIN 531 60 for children's toys DIN EN 71 part 1, surface formaldehyde-free DD varnish, wooden balls, metal storage
Dimensions: 63 x 85 x 120 cm, seat height: 34 cm
Age recommendation: from 2 years
Delivered in a space-saving manner with assembly instructions.
Please keep the manufacturer's proof.
Attention ! Not parcel service able! Send by forwarding agency ! Free curbside.
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