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Strategy game LoGeo
Strategy game "LoGeo"
A fascinating strategy game with 9 tiles. The book of templates begins with very simple tasks for little strategists and leads in progressive steps to more and more demanding brain teaser challenges. All the solutions are at the back of the booklet - for checking and confirmation. With self-developed tasks, new, interesting considerations arise.
Didactic wooden game (approx. 20 cm x 15 cm), with 9 rounded beech blocks with 3 different geometric shapes in 3 colors plus an extensive and detailed plan booklet, including instructions and game structure, packed in a sturdy folding box.
Promotion: Color and shape recognition, assignment, ability to combine, networked thinking, recognizing connections
Area of application: games and didactics/education, school, therapy, waiting room, work with seniors.
Age recommendation: children from 3 years (simple templates), older children, teenagers and adults.
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The new magnetic game Doku-Mag offers a wide range of different game contents and challenges with 14 different replaceable template cards. The closed game system with solid wood frame and transparent cover plates holds 81 paint balls in equal proportions in 9 different colors always ready to play. With two magnetic pins, e.g. Characters, logical ranks and sudoku puzzles are laid, TicTacToe or Mill are played. Two blank templates for writing or as a copy template increase the game offer in addition.
Suitable for all ages. Promotes fine motor skills hand-eye coordination, color recognition, logical thinking, concentration, patience, etc.
Contents: • 6 game templates «figure», laid out by color points • 6 game templates «figure», laid out by color / number coding • 6 game templates logic (logical color series) • 6 game templates «Sudoku» • 1 game template TicTacToe • 1 game template mill game • 2 Blank templates, including instructions
Age recommendation: from 5 years
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