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Here you will find gymnastic and sports equipment, climbing or balancing courses for children and adults, balls and therapeutic aids, as well as music instruments for children from our range. Come in and see smiley.
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Lots of tricks in store have juggling artists with this 12-piece set for several children and different difficulty levels. Juggling promotes coordination and artistic-creative abilities, so this should be practiced and practiced in a variety of ways, especially in childhood. Thanks to the cardboard box with carrying handle, the individual parts are easy to transport or stow away when not needed.
Contents: 4 rings (Ø 24 cm), 3 clubs, 3 balls, a juggling plate with a stick, a diabolo.
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: rings Ø 24 cm
Attention ! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Asphyxiation and strangulation hazard. Use only under adult supervision!
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Tactile slices maxi set
Tactile slices maxi set
Strikingly structured, tactile material that challenges the sense of touch of children's hands and feet. At the same time, the ability to verbally describe sensory impressions is promoted. The large slices can be placed on the floor and the small slices can be held in the hands. Many game options with different content - sensory perception of tactile structures, memory and recognition games with blindfolds - which can be adapted to age and areas of support. Storage in a cloth bag.
Content: 10 large plastic discs with rubber cover, 10 small rubber discs, 1 blindfold
Dimensions: big (Ø 27 cm), small (Ø 11 cm)
Attention ! Not suitable for children under 2 years.
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