Geometry wall game
Geometry wall game

Geometry wall game

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Room divider body
Room divider body
The basic body can be combined with various wall games on both sides.
With these variable room elements, a delimited play corner or a new play island can be created in no time at all. The varied play areas invite you to discover them.
The special thing about this room divider is the flexible arrangement of the elements using 4 corner connecting discs. During assembly, these are first placed on the lugs of the room divider, pushed into each other and fastened with 1 screw. After setting the appropriate angle, the screw is tightened. The best possible stability is achieved with a wall connection strip.
Material: birch plywood, wooden balls, metal bearing, surface formaldehyde-free DD lacquer, water-soluble stain DIN 531 60 for children's toys DIN EN 71 Part 1
Dimensions: W/H: 75 x 75 cm
Age recommendation: from 3 years
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204.17 USD

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wall play waterwheel
Wall play waterwheel
As soon as the children move the wall play and the wheel turns, the small globules come to movement. If the wheel is constantly in movement one will observe which resembles this rhythm of the globules the Perpetuum mobile of Leonardo da Vinci. To give an understanding of a faszienierende idea around children playfully physical processes. The waterwheel is good therefore for waiting areas and halls suitably in their children should stay and are occupied.
Material: Birch plywood, metal storage, colourfully pickled, surface DD varnish free of formaldehyde, water-dissolvable stains German Institute for Standardization 53160 for toys German Institute for Standardization EN 71 parts 1
Dimensions: 48 x 48 cm
Age recommendation: from 2 years
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283.59 USD
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wall game sound play spiral
Sound play spiral
Turning the tube causes a red cylinder to slip through the spiral.
Material: birch plywood, wooden cylinder, metal storage, some parts stained in color, surface formaldehyde-free DD varnish, water-soluble stains DIN 53160 for children's toys DIN EN 71 part 1
Dimensions: 48 x 20 cm
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147.44 USD
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