Games around numbers and quantities

In the Games around Numbers and Quantities category you will find learning and learning material to promote and learn playful learning of sets, numbers and their assignment and meaning.
Counting concept
Counting concept
Computing tasks make counting more fun. The order cards with the clown are placed on the base plate. The arithmetic problem can now be solved with the aid of the colored counters. The subsequent assignment of the point cards and the number cards, the order can be completed.
Development areas: Development of thinking and calculating skills, as well as discovery of the meaning of numbers and their meaning
Development of the perception of shapes and colors.
Contents: 2 basic boards 30 x 33 cm, 22 order cards 22 x 16 cm, 40 points cards and 40 number tiles, colored counters
Base plates, order cards, plastic number and point cards in particularly thick design, storage in a sturdy, boxed wooden box
Material: plastic, solid wood box
Age recommendation: from 5 years
Attention ! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Danger of suffocation! Contains small parts.
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