kork blocks

quiet blocks made of cork
You know that, tower construction with wooden blocks or Lego bricks on solid floors, for example with laminate, what a noise. With our cork blocks this noise development remains at a very low level. Cork bricks are light and quiet, soft and valuable, safe and clean. They allow, among other things, free construction of houses, castles, zoos, parking garages,
Towers, pyramids, walls and everything that the imagination wants to experience, and completely safe because of the lightness. Due to the somewhat rougher surface, in contrast to the wood block, a building remains stable longer.
The pressed cork material is free of harmful substances (phthalates, dioxins, formaldehyde) and also has no other sensory emissions. The product complies with the directive for children's toys (even under 3 years) and the harmonized standard DIN EN 71. Nevertheless, you should make sure that they do not eat the blocks with smaller children.