The unique way in which RABO Tricycles develops wheeled products has enriched children's gaming experience for over 35 years.
The children's vehicle collection is a blend of modern, timeless design and unparalleled, uncompromising product quality.
RABO Bicycles is based on a healthy collaboration between child development specialists, designers and professional production staff. The products have an unusually high play value, a high quality standard and meet the strictest safety standards.
Developing products that meet children's innate and natural needs for play, exercise and development, RABO Tricycles A / S has become a leading supplier of wheeled products for schools and day care centers around the world.
RABO vehicles are manufactured in Denmark.
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New standards for childcare
In the late sixties and early seventies, stricter quality standards for day care centers were introduced in Denmark. Higher demands were placed on the environment in which the children moved, with a focus on pedagogical values ​​in daily life, which also led to new education programs for educators.
This groundbreaking development shifted from Denmark and Scandinavia to the rest of the world. Here, new standards were set for the quality of childcare and thus also for the quality level and pedagogically correct products for day-care centers.
Specially designed for children
This development has led to an increasing demand for products designed for the development of children, meeting even the strictest safety standards. At this important historical time, the first RABO products were developed in collaboration with educators and designers.
The demand for high-quality institutional products rose throughout the world for our product development in the seventies and eighties. This allowed RABO Tricycles an early position as one of the leading manufacturers of quality wheeled products for children.
An entire product family
Product development at RABO is a continuous process and we are constantly expanding the product collection. This makes RABO Tricycles A / S your constant supplier of quality products for children of all ages.