neogrün® - natural products that are fun.
Neo Green uses only environmentally friendly raw materials from sustainable sources and organic farming. In addition, attention is paid to the complete and efficient recyclability of the packaging.
Neogrün also uses electricity from renewable sources in all its internal processes, takes care of CO2-neutral transport routes and avoids unnecessary packaging waste. The employees are also regularly trained in a conscious and economical use of all resources, because it is our common environment.
 Are neogrun products organic?
neogrün Fingerpaint and play dough are "bio". The products are made from natural ingredients that have been validated by NCP. However, Neogrün use the term organic only very rarely, because they think that it has to be clearly defined to the consumer. Here's an example: Simple ingredients such as flour, starch, sugar or similar. can be 100% organic, but as soon as you make bread from it and add water and salt, the organic content drops rapidly to below 60%. With NCP Neogrün ensures to its customers that more than 95% of the unprocessed agricultural ingredients are certified organically grown and the remaining ingredients come only from mineral or vegetable sources. In addition, NCP guarantees that neogrün® products are organic, vegan and free from genetic engineering and animal experiments.
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