With the LEGO® Education materials for kindergarten and kindergarten, children are introduced to the world of simple mathematics and science in a playful way. The child-friendly sets encourage independent experimentation and discovery and provide lots of fun in learning. Playing together also promotes social and emotional skills as well as linguistic expressiveness.
The many different sets of LEGO Education can be easily integrated into the daily play classes in kindergarten and kindergarten. The related tasks were developed in collaboration with educators and tested by educators. They are tailored to the national education plans and offer a variety of child-oriented tasks for the first playful learning experiences.
Children can acquire social and emotional skills through interaction, exchange of ideas and storytelling with the LEGO Education materials for nursery school and kindergarten. In playful learning situations, they can develop their first problem-solving skills, and explore how things work by touching and trying them out.
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LEGO DUPLO Machine Technician Set
LEGO DUPLO Machine Technician Set
An ideal set for introduction to science and technology. With 4 screwdrivers, integrated screws and many different elements such. Rollers, hooks, shovels and cranes teach children about tools, structure and function and develop their fine motor skills. Two activity cards and a guide book support the thematic commitment and promote communication and hearing, dealing with social roles and general responsibility.
Learning Values:
• Researching technology and design
• Develop technical skills
• Understanding of machines and their function
• Communicate ideas and plans with each other and listen to others
• Researching social positions and general responsibility
• Develop problem solutions
Content: 95 elements in blue box m. transp. Lid (L: 42.52 cm / W: 30.90 cm / H: 25.60 cm)
Age recommendation: 3 - 6 years
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LEGO DUPLO Large Farm Set
LEGO DUPLO Large Farm Set
With this comprehensive set, children learn about farm life, animal husbandry and care, the different seasons and the harvest. Simple topic areas, such as which noises the animals make, and complex topics, e.g. The effects of the seasons on our food can be treated. With the different animals first sorting and assigning can be practiced. The set supports both the creative, free play as well as given topics and suggestions.
Content: 154 elements in blue plastic box with transparent lid
Age recommendation: 2 - 5 years
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