Good, educationally valuable toys should support children in their development, arouse their exploratory spirit, not overwhelm them, and give them a positive and creative gaming experience. And of course it should also be fun.
Because playing means having fun without pursuing a goal. This should take parents into account again and again when they play with their children or encourage them to play. And best of all are educationally valuable toys that are fun and versatile to use.
Due to the infinite number of construction possibilities and the immersion in fantasy worlds, KORXX is a pedagogically valuable toy. The building blocks do not overwhelm the children, but they can develop solutions on their own and thus naturally strengthen your personality. The different components allow children the freedom to become creative themselves. Their capacity for abstraction is promoted. As well as motor skills and resilience.
The smaller the children, the clearer the shapes should be, because the perception is still shadowy. Pedagogically valuable toys help to attract the attention of toddlers, to make them curious and animate to try out. Coarse and fine motor skills are trained in a playful way and the memory sensitized.
Pedagogically valuable toys stimulate imagination and creativity.
Your child can always use KORXX building blocks differently. From the building blocks, your child can build towers, castles, bridges, streets or houses or build various creative structures of his choice with the large building blocks in the garden.
KORXX makes no difference between girls and boys. All toys are gender-neutral and promote each child individually in a healthy way, as children always play in their own imagination (as opposed to finished toys, such as cars for example). Cork is light, quiet and safe. Compared to wood, you can build much better with cork. Cork easily sticks together and the building blocks are more stable.
Through the use of modern technology and adequate knowledge, it is possible to create a premium toy that parents can trust. Modern and gentle processing creates the high-quality and safe KORXX material for the building blocks.
The KORXX building block products have been tested by independent and certified testing laboratories:

    SLG Testing and Certification GmbH
    CATIM - centro de apoio tecnológico à indústria metalomecânica
    INTERTEC-Hess GmbH
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Worth knowing about the material cork
The cork oak has a characteristic that sets it apart from other plants: its precious bark forms as quickly and in a thickness as no other tree. This valuable bark provides the coveted material. The cork oak is peeled by hand and then further processed.

Per climate - Harvesting instead of felling

The tree does not need to be felled to peel the bark because it keeps renewing itself and is available for harvesting every nine years. For example, a 100% renewable raw material is produced for various branches of industry. The peeling of the bark has another advantage: A peeled tree binds three times as much CO2 as an unused tree. Cork oak forests thus improve our climate sustainably. In addition, natural cork is 100 percent recyclable.
* Source: German Cork Association e.V.