GEOSMART is the future of geometric construction toys. It is ideal to illustrate geometry in schools and school classes. With colorful colors, strong magnets and a patented security system, GeoSmart offers unsurpassed gaming enjoyment, which also has to be thought of around the corner.
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GeoSmart was always designed and designed with a safety mind in mind. GeoSmart components have a new, patented safety system. The magnets are embedded in a stainless steel capsule riveted to a central ABS frame. Above it is a frame made of polycarbonate, above it the last layer. This coating principle not only ensures long-lasting colors, but also a high safety standard and a long service life.
Geosmart is a magnetic construction toy for the creative development of children from 5 years. The double plastic sheath, stainless steel metal clamps and magnets inside make GeoSmart a safe and comfortable game. The high-quality polycarbonate cases of the individual geometric shapes offer a long-lasting fun and are easy to wash off.