The colorful wooden toy by FRIDLIN fulfills all the requirements of the ideal toy: learning to play, always ready to play, nothing is lost and nobody has to tidy up!
Any child can play with it. FRIDLIN wooden toys are already suitable for very small and handicapped children. The game elements recognize logical processes in the game, understand mechanical relationships, and learn colors and shapes. And all without an adult having to explain something. Children will say: I can do it all alone.
FRIDLIN wooden toys are suitable for a wide variety of rooms. Whether in the nursery, in the hall or in kindergarten, in the waiting room, in long corridors of authorities or at the hotel reception and in the shopping center: Wherever there is no room for other toys, you can inspire children with FRIDLIN games. And most important: it is colorful in six rainbow colors, looks great and is made exclusively from local wood in Thuringia.
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FRIDLIN wooden toys are exclusively designed by the designer Dr.Fridlind Siebrecht. Her designs follow clear geometric shapes and always the six rainbow colors. The toy is reduced to the essentials and yet versatile in form and function. Fridlind Siebrecht studied pedagogy and obtained her diploma as a designer of play design. In 1981 she earned her doctorate on the basics of game design. Her toy designs have already been shown at numerous exhibitions. Since 1994 they are produced in series in Thuringia. The designer pays special attention to the combination of function and design in all designs. It focuses on the essential elements of the toy, without distracting children with superfluous details.